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Mould Remediation

Mould RemediationMould is present in our every day life as a part of nature outside our homes as well as inside our homes and offices.

Mould will grow if we provide the environment they require which includes moisture and nutrients. If we keep things dry, moulds will not have an opportunity to grow. The growth of mould in the indoor environment can affect occupant health depending on the extent of growth, length of exposure, and physical condition of the occupant. It becomes a problem when mould starts to overrun our homes and place of employment. Ignoring mould infestations can cause health problems such as asthma, allergies and respiratory illness.

Mould can cause damage to building materials and contents in our homes or office. It is important to control mould once it is found by eliminating moisture and humidity levels. Mould should be immediately cleaned up, however, once the problem gets beyond a small clean up, professional mould remediation may be required. A mould remediation project is finished when all building materials and contents containing mould are decontaminated or removed and disposed. It is important to ensure that the entire area of mould growth is remediated since the chemicals and proteins that cause a reaction in humans are still present even in dead mold.

At Warden Restoration our staff has been trained in the various steps in managing mould claims and are capable of completing mould remediation projects of any size. A remediation protocol is determined by the type of mould and the size of the area that has been contaminated. Warden Restoration will manage each step in the mould eliminating process ensuring all health and safety measures are maintained at all times.